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Jerry L. Jaccard was an Associate Music Professor in the School of Music at Brigham Young University until his retirement in 2014. As Coordinator of the Elementary Music Education Program and Director of the InterMuse Academy, Jaccard taught undergraduate courses in music teaching, supervises elementary music specialist student teachers, and taught graduate courses in musical pedagogy, curriculum development and the history of music education.

Jaccard graduated from the University of Arizona with his bachelor's degree in Music Education in 1965, after which he served in the Franco-Belgian Mission from 1965-1967. Subsequently, he received a master's degree in Music Education from Holy Names University in 1976, after which he received his doctoral degree in Education from the University of Massachusetts in 1995. Over the course of his professional life, he has worked both in public school systems and at BYU. Jaccard has initiated elementary school music programs in the Navajo Reservation in Kayenta, Arizona, and in Provo School District.

He is an active researcher and translator, Vice-President of the International Kodaly Society, and a board member of the Willems International Music Education Association. Jaccard received the Organization of American Kodaly Educators (OAKE) National Outstanding Educator Award in 2004 and the BYU College of Fine Arts and Communications Teaching Excellence Award.

In 2014 Jaccard published A Tear in the Curtain: The Musical Diplomacy of Erzsébet Szőnyi, Musician, Composer, Teacher of Teachers. His book details the life and influence of Erzsébet Szőnyi, a famous Hungarian composer and music pedagogue. Jaccard first met Szőnyi in 1980 on a research trip to Hungary.

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