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Women's Chorus is a choral group at BYU housed in the School of Music. The Women's Chorus is directed by Jean Applonie.

The group is a large group of select, versatile singers who perform a diverse repertoire extending from medieval and renaissance works to masterpieces of our own time. Folk music and other varied genres are included in the choir's study and performances. The choir is well known for its beautiful, blended sound from pristine, quiet unison to the majesty of large textured sonorities. Sensitive musicianship and constant improvement are goals for each rehearsal and performance. An audition is required, and a two semester commitment is expected.

In April 2011 the chorus celebrated its 50th anniversary and was invited, along with other BYU choirs, to sing at the 183rd Annual General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 2013.

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