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The Department of Theatre and Media Arts

The Department of Theatre and Media Arts is committed to both the mission of Brigham Young University "to assist individuals in their quest for perfection and eternal life," and the "Aims of a BYU Education" which "should be (1) spiritually strengthening, (2) intellectually enlarging, and (3) character building, leading to (4) lifelong learning and service." We work toward these ends by promoting literacy, spirituality, and creativity, and by exploring their interrelatedness, in the arts of theatre and media.

Literacy means for us the ability to "read"---that is, to apply the vocabulary and grammar of theatre and media arts to (1) uncover multiple meanings in works of art, and (2) appreciate, evaluate, and respond to them. Spirituality consists of discovering, exploring, and balancing the interrelationships among the individual, others, and Deity. Creativity means synthesizing in new ways, and illuminating human understanding through performance and production.

We promote literacy, spirituality, and creativity in the arts of theatre and media by emphasizing such central elements as:

  • The truths of human experience;
  • Generosity of soul;
  • A service orientation, and focus on others;
  • Commitment to developing infinite potential; and
  • Awareness

In promoting literacy, spirituality, and creativity in theatre and media arts, we balance the skills and demands of:

  • Thinking -- both creative and critical;
  • Collaborative mentored processes; and
  • Production

Department History and Evolution of Department Programs

The study of theatre and media arts is a study of our attitudes towards ourselves through artistic expression. Since art is a mirror of human society, the specific disciplines of theatre and media arts cover our innermost attempts at comprehending our existence throughout time.

The Theatre program gives students a foundation in dramatic literature, theatre history, theory, performance skills as both actor and director, and techniques in all areas of theatre design technology and production.

The Media Arts program gives students a foundation in the film-history, critical theory, and film production.

Department Chairs

T. Earl Pardoe (1920-1952)
Harold I. Hansen (1952-1966)
Lael J. Woodbury (1966- 1970)
Parley Newman (1970-1974)
Charles L. Metten (1974-1979)
Harold Oaks (1980-1993)
Eric Fielding (1993-1998)
Robert Nelson (1998-2004)
Roger Sorensen (2004- Present)

Alumni and Students

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