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The Department of Theatre and Media Arts

The Department of Theatre and Media Arts believes the study of theatre and media arts is truly a study of humankind and its attitudes as revealed in artistic expression.

The University’s theatre program is designed to educate students in a basic foundation of dramatic literature, theatre history, theory, performance skills as both actor and director while providing new, innovative techniques in all areas of theatre design technology and production.

BYU’s media arts program is designed to educate students with a foundation of film history, theory, and criticism, along with the fundamental production competencies in film, television, animation, and interactive multimedia.

Department Chairs

Acting Chair:
Alonzo J. Morley (Sept. 1928 - Sept. 1931)
Acting Chairs:
Merlin J. Mecham and Morris M. Clinger (Fall 1958)
Charles Henson (Summer 1963, February - March 1964)
Associate Chair:
Charles A. Henson (Sept. 1969 - Sept. 1970)
Associate Chairs:
LaVar Bateman - Speech Coordinator (1970-1972)
Charles Henson - Theatre Coordinator (1970-1971)
Karl T. Pope - Acting and Dramatic Arts Coordinator (1971-1972)

Acting Chair:
Gordon M. Low (January 1974 - April 1974)
Associate Chairs:
Tim Slover - Theatre
Marion Bentley - Theatre
Sharon Swenson - Media Arts
Tom Lefler - Media Arts
Associate Chairs:
Rodger D. Sorensen - Theatre (Dec. 1998 - May 2004)
Tom Lefler - Media Arts (Dec. 1998 - May 2004)
Associate Chairs:
Sharon Swenson - Media Arts (May 2004 - May 2009)
Janet Swenson - Theatre (May 2004 - May 2009)
Jeffrey Parkin (May 2009 - )
Amy Petersen Jensen (May 2009 - )

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