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In 1947, KBYU was operated entirely by students interested in radio work

KBYU-FM, also known as Classical 89, is a non-profit, public support station that broadcasts from the campus of Brigham Young University. The station is broadcast at the frequency of 89.1 FM in Salt Lake County and 89.5 FM in Utah County and reaches over 100,000 listeners. The station also has a website, which features online streaming of the station, as well as podcasts and other informational links.


Dr. Owen Rich
When KBYU-FM began in the 1940s, it was an AM station known as KBRG. At the time, it was the only collegiate radio station west of the Mississippi. Radio pioneer Dr. Owen S. Rich used the station as a training facility. He also played a key role in the conversion to an FM station in 1960. Ten years later, KBYU-FM began broadcasting in stereo sound with the implementation of a 32,000 watt transmitter. In 1978 the station changed to its current all-classical music format. The station began broadcasting 24 hours a day in 1987.

KBYU-FM recently celebrated 50 years with a special concert. Members of the BYU School of Music faculty performed with organist Richard Elliott at the event.


According to the station’s website, “Classical 89's mission is to enrich the lives of radio listeners through inspiring and enlightening programming, employing the concepts of great music and sound ideas to reflect the timeless standards of Brigham Young University.”


Classical 89’s programming material comes from a variety of sources, including an extensive music CD library, original KBYU material, broadcasts of local and BYU arts groups’ performances, as well as national and international programs. The station broadcasts speeches from numerous BYU devotionals, forums and conferences, as well as coverage of local arts events. KBYU-FM also airs local, national and world news briefs every morning and afternoon.

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