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The Brigham Young University Singers have built upon the rich choral tradition of the University to achieve a performance style and quality that have drawn enthusiastic responses from audiences all over the world. While firmly rooted in classical choral music, they are known for compelling performances of the best of all kinds of vocal music. The choir’s desire is to share a sense of hope, beauty and goodwill to audiences at home and around the world.

Each year the choir brings together approximately 40 multi-talented students from all areas of the United States, representing a broad diversity of educational pursuits. The students agree to a rigorous rehearsal/performance schedule and the memorization of each year’s repertoire list. Their ability and love for music is evidenced in their artistry, expressiveness, commitment and versatility.

The choir has produced five CD recordings on the Tantara Records and Arsis labels.

As one of America's finest collegiate ensembles, BYU Singers have performed in Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, the Sydney Opera House, the Brahmssaal in Vienna, the Kappella in St. Petersburg, Exeter Cathedral in England, St Matthew’s Cathedral in Auckland and Henry Crown Hall in Jerusalem. In addition, the choir has twice sung series of concerts throughout Israel in collaboration with the Israel Chamber Orchestra. Concert tours have taken the choir to most of the states of the USA, and abroad to Ghana, Togo, Benin, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Jordan, Egypt, Switzerland, Belgium, South Africa and twice to Canada and Russia.

In 2012 the choir toured through England and Wales, finishing with a performance at St John Smith Square. Arts critic Alexandra Coghlan praised the choir for its blending capabilities and beautiful tone:

The real strength of the BYU Singers under their director Dr Ronald Staheli is their blend. Soft-grained basses set the curve for a mesh of sound that has surely evolved to suit the characteristic warmth and density of so much American choral music. There’s no doubt they do this excellently well....The low basses anchored the Whitacre with resonant delicacy, while sopranos set the tone for the sensitively-phrased unisons of Mack Wilberg’s My Shepherd Will Supply My Need, but it was the mezzos who came close to stealing the show with a strikingly mature, rounded sound.
Watching the well-drilled, fervent singing of the BYU Singers it makes it rather hard to return to the copy-bound, last-minute excellence of some of our equivalents here. I might not be a convert to their faith, but as far as music goes the choir of Brigham Young have a new believer.

Andrew Crane took over as conductor of The BYU Singers in 2015 when Ronald Staheli retired.



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