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Bradley B. Anderson graduated from BYU in 1973 with a degree in speech and drama.

In the Winter 2010 edition of BYU Magazine, Anderson shared one of his most memorable experiences at BYU. He said:

My fiancée and I were walking across campus one afternoon when we decided to step into the Wilkinson Center for an ice cream cone. We did not have classes that day, so we were dressed casually—I was wearing slacks, and she was in jeans. We thought nothing of it until we noticed that the Varsity Theatre was showing a film that we were both eager to see. The problem was that in those days the men could wear jeans to class and campus events, but they were not considered appropriate for women. We were able to purchase the tickets but were denied entry because of the offending jeans.

The movie was scheduled to start in five minutes, and we were far from her apartment. There was only one thing to do. We wore approximately the same pants size, so we hurried off to the restrooms. I went into the men’s room and handed my slacks out the door, which was ajar just enough for her to retrieve them. I waited for a minute until I saw her hand slide through the door with her jeans. I slipped on the jeans, and we ran to the Varsity Theater. We handed our tickets to a very surprised young man, who had just turned us away, and found seats just in time for the movie.

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