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Singer/songwriter April Meservy graduated from Brigham Young University in 2004 with a bachelor's degree in media music studies.

Meservy has been featured on albums and compilations released all over the world, in addition to film and commercial spots. Meservy had the opportunity to perform in Salt Lake City's Olympic Square during the 2002 Winter Olympics and has received invitations to perform as far away as China. She has performed with Matt Nathanson (Vanguard Records) and she continues to develop her talents as a musician, teaming up with guitarist, Mark Miller, and other musicians for shows when in her hometown of Reno.

Awards and Accomplishments

As a credit to her work in the studio, she was honored with three Pearl Awards for "Studio Vocalist of the Year" in 2004, 2005, and 2006 as well as Pearl Awards for "Contemporary Recording of the Year" in 2005 and "Devotional Recorded Song" in 2007. She also recently received an award from the Interfaith Power & Light Earth Song Competition for her song "Marks of My Path" (released on her new record). Meservy's love for songwriting has led her to various publishing and recording offers. In July 2007, she created her own independent label, Forêt d'Musique, (Jèrriais: "Forest of Music") on which she intends to release her forthcoming albums as well as records produced for other artists.


Meservy can be regularly found in the recording studio. Diverse in style, her vocals can be heard on recordings ranging from jazz/blues to pop/rock, from contemporary gospel to dance/electronica. She recently finished recording Somewhere Between Sunsets, a debut album inspired by the path her life has taken - in some ways unexpected.

In her own words, "Over the past several years there have been many significant changes in my personal life: some with family, some with relationships, and some just with my ways of thinking about things. It has been a very profound experience for me - a huge catalyst for growth."

And change it does. April's album is diverse in style and sound - songs range from slow, introspective piano ballads to bossa nova to upbeat guitar-based grooves. In "More of Less," the moving rhythms of a Prague orchestra offer statements of gratitude in the midst of loss. One thing remains the same, however: April means what she sings about.

When asked to elaborate on what it means to her to be doing this album, April eagerly shares, “I really hope that others can feel a connection to these songs. I'm convinced that change has the power to ultimately refine and lift us to be better than we were - and that is so amazing to me."

April's debut album, Somewhere Between Sunsets, was released on January 15, 2010 on Meservy's own label, Forêt d'Musique.

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