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Willard Joseph Andelin was born August 15, 1883 to Olof Andersson Andelin and Olivia Maria Lofdahl. He attended Brigham Young University and studied music from 1899 to 1904.

In 1904, Andelin began special music work at the Royal College of Music in London. He then studied in Germany under Alexander Heinemann, and later was the leading basso for two years at the Royal Opera at Hanover. He was also a member of the Lucy Gate Opera Co., and was well known for his role of Mephisto in the opera Faust.

Andelin later returned to Utah as a teacher of music. During his time as a teacher, he was also a member of the Utah Quartet. He and his wife conducted a vocal studio in Salt Lake City, and he sang in several light opera productions at the Nibley Park Water Theater. He also sang the basso role in "The Messiah" during productions in Salt Lake.

He married Arvilla Jane Clark on March 27, 1898 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Andelin died Feb 18, 1959 in Illinois.

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