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Sara Rachel Shawcroft is the second of five children born to Reed and Marie Shawcroft. She was raised in Swanton, Ohio, which she still considers her hometown. Sara loves summertime, strawberries, fireworks, flowers, and waterfalls. Sara has never been a homebody; She loves going out and seeking adventure. Some of Sara’s favorite pastimes include reading, writing, cooking, baking, crafting, and event planning.

Sara began her college education at the age of 16. While she was still in high school, she enrolled in classes at Northwest State Community College. While studying at Northwest State, Sara considered majoring in nursing. She completed many of the prerequisites for the program because of her interest.

After graduating from high school, Sara attended Brigham Young University-Idaho. She studied several subjects, some of which include philosophy, religion, communication, and culinary arts. She chose to major in Communication because it’s where she had the most fun. She also participated in many extracurricular activities and worked part-time at the Writing Center. During these years, Sara made dear friends that she still cherishes. It was also in Idaho that Sara fell in love with the beauty of the Snake River, which she intends to revisit someday.

After her graduation from BYU-I, Sara chose to further her education at Brigham Young University studying Mass Communications. Here her love for the communications field blossomed. Sara led research teams, coauthored award-winning papers, headed study groups, and enjoyed everything graduate school had to offer. She was pleased to be elected the unofficial class president by her fellow students. She plans to organize a class reunion in the coming years.

In the future Sara intends to live earnestly: going about with a high spirit, working hard, and taking chances as they come.

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