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Shani Robison is the Director of the BYU Theatre Ballet and full-time faculty member in the Ballet Division of the Dance Department at BYU.

Robison graduated from BYU in 1995 with a BA in Ballet and in 1999 with an MA in Ballet Choreography. She remembers the influence Phyllis Jacobson had on her education and was always impressed with the support she gave the students. Robison wrote her master's thesis on merging flamenco dance and ballet.

Shani began teaching at BYU as an undergraduate student and then later as a graduate student. Following gradation she accepted a position as director of the Youth Artist Program, as well as teaching. In 2001 the Youth Artist Program was disabled and the Ballet Showcase Company was created with Robison as the director. In 2007 Robison became the director of Theatre Ballet.

In 2010 Robison was selected as one of the two finalists in the professional division of the Choreographic Design Project which is an adjudicated selection process to set a new choreographic work on Utah Regional Ballet, one of the two professional companies in Utah.

As a faculty member at BYU, Robison received the Creative Work Award from the BYU Faculty Women's Association in May 2012. Early the next year Professor Robison directed the classical ballet, The Sleeping Beauty at BYU. The ballet work Interrupted Impulse, choreographed by Robison, was selected as one of the top ten works to be presented at the gala concert of the American College Dance Festival. The piece was performed by BYU Theatre Ballet. In 2013, she choreographed BYU's production of Die Fledermaus.

In 2014, Robison directed Swan Lake at BYU, which was performed by BYU Theatre Ballet.

In 2016, Robison directed "Alice in Wonderland," performed by BYU Theatre Ballet with a student crew.

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