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Richard Chitwood was a composer and music director for the Department of Dance at Brigham Young University from 1986 to 2014.

In 2011 Ric was part of the Heloise Crista Project, funded by the Laycock Center for Creative Collaboration in the Arts. Heloise Crista is a former dancer who switched to sculpting part-way through her life. Pam Musil, Associate Professor in the Modern Dance Division of the Department of Dance, was amazed when she saw Crista's work and decided to head a dance concert based on the different sculptures. The project involved over sixty-five collaborators--including student choreographers and composers, faculty choreographers and composers, lighting and set designers, student cinematographers, dancers, and more. The whole process was documented with extensive filming, which produced two short documentaries to be shown on BYUtv, and a third that was shown at the National Dance Education Organization Conference in October 2012. The project culminated with a themed dance concert, entitled Transformations, which was presented at four sold-out performances. Heloise herself was able to attend one performance. This project had extensive local impact in the Department of Dance, the College of Fine Arts and Communications, and across campus. The concert drew an audience that normally does not attend dance concerts. Musicians and composers became interested in the collaboration between dancers and musicians.

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