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Nathan Balser teaches Contemporary Dance and Music Dance Theatre at Brigham Young University. He also is the Artistic Director for the Contemporary Dance Theatre group at BYU, which performed at the National Center for the Performing Arts (NCPA), in Beijing, China with Balser's 2013 show, Encounters. Balser also performed Encounters at BYU in 2014.

Balser graduated from BYU with a degree in Therapeutic Recreation, after which he completed a master's degree in Fine Arts at the University of Utah.

Upon receipt of his masters, Balser began performing on Broadway, where his credits include Legally Blond: The Musical, Cats and Mamma Mia! He teaches his students that the most important lesson he learned on Broadway was the importance of professionalism.

Balser choreographs locally in Utah. In 2012, Balser and three other choreographers presented, Provo Sites, a show of new dance works presented by, Love Dance More. In 2013, Balser choreographed the Sundance Resort rendition of Annie Get Your Gun. The same year, he participated in the Buckaroo: Cowboy Poetry in Motion Project at BYU, which was funded by a grant from the Laycock Center for Creative Collaboration in the Arts. The project brought together student musicians, poets, and choreographers, as well as professional cowboy poets, to produce an evening length themed dance concert. For the program, Balser choreographed "Cowboy 101," "Cottonwood," and "Commutin'."

In 2015, Balser provided the choreography for the BYU production, and US premiere, of The Count of Monte Cristo.


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