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Kori Wakamatsu is a faculty member in the Modern Dance Division of the Department of Dance at Brigham Young University. In 2012, Professor Wakamatsu teamed up with three other choreographers to present Provo Sites, a spotlight for new dance works, presented by LoveDanceMore.

Wakamatsu continues to teach at BYU and aid in school productions. In September and October of 2013, Wakamatsu assisted in directing The Nightingale, a play based on Han Christen Anderson's story of the same name. The play was performed in both English and Mandarin Chinese, and was aided in authenticity by the research which the BYU cast and crew were able to conduct at the China Peking Opera house, which has established a sister-school relationship with BYU. Also in 2013, Wakamatsu, as an assistant director, collaborated with Graham Brown, dancEnsemble, and a team from the Department of Theatre and Media Arts to perform You, a night of physical performances that look into the lives of a contemporary American community, where physical responses to rhythms and melodies serve as a driving, unifying social force.

In 2015, she was involved with the Theatre Engine: FlashMob production and research team at BYU, which was a multi-site collaboration project with Michigan State University, St. Olaf College, Kent State University, and BYU that culminated in a multi-media performance that combines live dance with smartphone technology and audience participation. This project was funded by an Oscarson Discovery Grant and BYU's Laycock Center, and was featured in a Scenic Design Commission section at the 2015 USITT Conference.

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