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Kathleen Sheffield is a faculty member in the Department of Dance at Brigham Young University. She teaches courses in contemporary dance and is the instructor of BYU's Young DanceMakers.

Sheffield received a bachelor's degree in modern dance in 1986 and a master's degree in dance and educational leadership in 1988, both from BYU. Sheffield began teaching in BYU's children's dance program in 1982 and is currently the director of the Young DanceMakers. Through her leadership, the program has flourished under the umbrella of BYU as it creates a learning environment that values and protects children in the arts.

At the May 2012 "Evening of Dance" concert, artists from the Young DanceMakers performed "Come Dream with Me", a showcase of dreams and nightmares. The following year Sheffield led the group through a performance of Tell Me a Story, which contained dances portraying historical events, such as the Civil War.

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