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Josephine T. Scere Dinnell graduated from Brigham Young University in 2010 with a degree in media music.

Dinnell has inspired countless classmates and audiences. She was raised in a home where lesson and love were communicated through music. Thus, when she arrived at BYU, she appeared the ideal candidate for the school of music. The only problem was she could not read music. Despite this, in what some may consider a miracle, Dinnell was admitted to the program.

Since then, Dinnell has toured with the Young Ambassadors and has performed as part of the Nauvoo pageant. She has also built a reputation as a wedding singer in Utah. Most notably though, Dinnell has sought to uplift and inspire others through her music.

In 2013 Scere-Dinnell played the role of Sarah in the Hale Centre Theatre's version of Ragtime.

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