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Jana Schurig working on her short-film Ruiyun, which was made possible through the Fulton Chair
In May 2005, Jana Schurig directed a short film titled Ruiyun. Funding for the film was made possible through the Mary Lou Fulton Chair.

In a note expressing her gratitude for the Fulton’s generosity, Schurig said,

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Fulton,

It was deeply rewarding for me to create a film involving the people and culture I came to love when I served a mission to Taiwan for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Fulton Grant money was spent to hire musicians, rent costumes, hire special effects equipment, provide entrance fees for film festivals, and so forth. The end result was a beautiful, professional quality film (much to my own surprise).

Thank you for your love and support of the arts and also your support of my personal education and the growth of my skills, which I could not have obtained in any other way. I am deeply grateful for the financial aid I received for the film Ruiyun. As a result of the kindness and generosity repeatedly shown me in the form of financial assistance and creative mentoring, I have developed a strong desire to assist the development of other young artists. As I leave BYU, I will strive to cultivate further skills and extend help to others.


Jana Schurig

Schurig graduted with a degree in Media Arts Studies from BYU in 2005, when the faculty of the Theatre and Media Arts Department selected her to speak at the August Convocation.

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