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Geoff Groberg composes and produces music in a variety of styles. He is proficient with several musical instruments including piano, guitar, bass, and banjo as well as modern computer-music technologies. His musical involvement has taken him all over the world including Scandinavia, Russia, Canada, and many states in the U.S.. He has also lived abroad, including three years in Japan and two years in England. He has a great appreciation for world music.

Groberg has a bachelor's degree in film with a minor in music from Brigham Young University. In addition to composing and producing program music, he enjoys performing bluegrass, celtic, and other styles of folk music. He currently performs as part of the ensemble Lincoln Highway and has recorded three albums for Covenant Communications along with Mark Geslison.

In 2015, Groberg worked with Dean Duncan on The Film Review Database project. He was the designer and coder.

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