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Garrett Tomas Hoyos graduated from Brigham Young University in 2015 with a bachelor's degree in animation. He specializes in textures and materials. Hoyos's fascination with animation began when he was 13 while watching the movie Shrek. He served an LDS mission in San Francisco, California. Hoyos is part of the up-and-coming wave of animators from BYU who are flooding the animation marketplace with excellent skills, experience, work ethic and high moral standards.

In 2013, Hoyos worked with Lauren E. Taylor to produce the short film, Estefan, about the world's greatest hair dresser who faces the challenge of a client with no hair. Estefan won first place in the Animation category of the 34th College Television Awards (also known as the Student Emmys).

The following year, he was the producer and technical director for the animated short Ram's Horn, which won third place in the 36th College Television Awards.

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