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Earl J. Glade was one of the Utah’s first commercial broadcast entrepreneurs. Glade joined KFPT (soon to be KSL) in November 1924 after John N. Cope took over the station from the Deseret News Company and the LDS Church. In Glade’s first year, the Radio Service Corporation of Utah (another Church-owned company) took control of KSL. Glade headed KSL operations for the next fourteen years, until Ivor Sharp came to manage he station in the late 1930s. Glade stepped aside as station manager however he remained on the board of directors. KZN went on the air in SLC May 6, 1822 and in 1925 the call letters were changed to KSL when the Church assumed majority ownership of the station and hired Earl J. Glade.

Glade helped many talented performers begin their careers in early radio such as Irma Bitner and Josephine Goff who performed and directed at KSL. Many talented performers began their careers in early radio with Glade's help. Louise Hill Howe directed the KSL Players. Alvin and Lena Marie Pack benefited from Glade's guidance. Beginning in the early 1930s, this husband and wife team added zestful advertising promotions to their live programs. Alvin Pack later managed KDYL and KALL. Some attribute Glade with the idea of broadcasting the Mormon Tabernacle Choir over the radio on KSL.

Glade won the office of mayor of Salt Lake City in 1944 and served three terms.

Glade taught the first Advertising Class, "History of Advertising," at Brigham Young University in 1912. An Earl J Glade Award is presented annually to the top students in Radio / TV communications at Brigham Young University. The first award was presented to Farrel Smith in 1964.

Glade was born December 2, 1885 and died September 12, 1966. His grave is located in the Salt Lake Cemetery.


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