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The first Mask Club, 1922
The Mask Club was founded in the early days of the Theatre and Media Arts department, around 1919 by T. Earl Pardoe, the department chair. In order to attract students to the newly minted theatre program, Pardoe developed the student organization, originally called the Drama League. It was also known as the Drama Center. In the early days, meetings consisted of the reading of one- and three-act plays by student readers, lectures, and recitals by popular personalities.

By 1922, the club had expanded in interest and size as students in other departments and colleges started attending the weekly meetings. By this time, the organization was renamed "The Mask," later the Mask Club. The 1922 Banyan (the BYU yearbook) described the Mask:

The Mask strives to reach the hearts of students interested in plays and play production, and impress therein a love and appreciation for the possibilities and future of the drama. Advanced students appear in entire play readings and direct the appearance of other members of the club in one-act plays.
The Mask Club's production of Endgame, 2011
The aim of Mask Club has remained remarkably the same today. These days, students enroll in Theatre Directing Practicum (TMA 436) which typically consists of 8-10 students in a class. Every week, student directors prepare, adapt, or write a script, gather a design team, hold auditions, schedule rehearsal space, and rehearse under the close tutelage of Rodger D. Sorensen, current associate dean and professor. Students who audition and later take part in the Mask Club performances are not required to be a Theatre and Media Arts major, which, like in the early days, encourages students from other disciplines to participate in the fine arts. The performances are held at an open weekly lab which is open to the public. Afterwards, students have "talk-back" sessions with each other where they discuss the success of the production.

Most students prior to the class have never directed a production before, and Mask Club provides that useful and valuable background while simultaneously exposing the university to a rich theatre experience.

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