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Caroline Prohosky was an Associate Professor in the Modern Dance Division of the Dance Department at Brigham Young University.

Originally an English major, Prohosky took so many dance classes on the side, she decided to switch her major late in her career as a student at the encouragement of Sara Lee Gibb. Prohosky received a bachelor's degree in Dance from BYU in 1971. She studied with Sara Lee Gibb, Dee Winterton, and Sandra Birch Allen. She later received a master's degree from the University of California, Los Angeles in 1980. For her master's degree, Prohosky studied dance movements based on Gothic tracery, or stained glass windows as seen in many cathedrals around the world. She also focused on the collaboration of film and dance, culminating in the the creation of her film "Nocturne," about a physically abusive relationship between a husband and a wife.

Prohosky began her teaching career at BYU Idaho (then Rick's College) in the 1970s. She joined the Dance Faculty at BYU in 1986. She taught multiple upper division courses and directed the DancEnsemble group. As a professor, Prohosky tried to create an environment where her students were able to find solutions themselves. She encouraged her students to actively engage in the creative process.

Caroline Prohosky passed away on October 26th, 2016.

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