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Anthony Canute Lund (February 25, 1871-June 11, 1935) was the director of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir from 1916-1935. Prior to his appointment with the choir he was both a professor and the chairman of Brigham Young University's School of Music.

Lund was born to Sarah Ann Peterson and Anthon H. Lund, a Scandinavian immigrant who lived in Ephraim, Utah Territory. When Anthony was 18 he was made the choir director in Ephraim and then attended what was then Brigham Young Academy. After graduating he left the United States to study at the Royal Conservatory in Leipzig and to study in London and Paris,

Upon his return from Europe he became the head of what was the BYA Music Department, a position he held from 1897-1916. Under his direction the name of the department changed to the School of Music (1901). He was also on the faculty of the Utah Conservatory and the McCune School of Music in Salt Lake City. During the last of his years at BYU (1903-1916) Lund conducted the school's orchestra through 100 operas and helped establish a reputation for the School of Music.

As director of the Tabernacle Choir Lund implemented many European techniques and a European sound. Additionally, while Lund was the director, the organization made its first electrical recordings on the Victor Label.

Lund kept his position over the Tabernacle Choir until his death in 1964, when he was succeeded by J. Spencer Cornwall.


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